Downtown Charleston Engagement Session | Caroline + McCaig

There’s something rare and comforting about Caroline and McCaig’s love. It’s evident within just a few minutes of spending time with them, and, like the calmness of an aged river, you can tell it runs deep. They’re quiet together, but tender and affectionate, and can make each other smile with ease. Here’s a little backstory about their relationship that Caroline was so kind as to write:

McCaig and I met over 15 years ago when we were in middle school. First, we were friends, then an on-again/off-again 7th-grade relationship, and then just friends again. It wasn’t until I was in college, and he joined the Marine Corps that we decided we wanted to be together. Three years of long-distance, two dogs, and a house later, we got engaged! Something inside always told me he was the one I would be with for the rest of my life. This past year has been one of the best as we prepare for our wedding!

Charleston, South Carolina is where my dad grew up, and where most of his family still lives. As a kid, we would go there a few times a year to visit and explore. Since McCaig moved home, we’ve taken a few trips there, and he’s grown to love the city just as much as I do. It seemed like the perfect place to have our engagement photos made! Mother Nature rarely does what you want her to, and this trip was no exception – there was a hurricane just days before our engagement shoot. I questioned if we should make the drive, fearing the city would be a mess, but Jim assured me everything would be fine! Thank goodness I trusted him because we are thrilled with how our photos turned out. This isn’t the first time my family has worked with Jim, though. He shot my sister’s engagement, wedding, and maternity photos (all of which turned out amazing.) At this point, I think we’ve deemed him our family photographer. McCaig and I look forward to working with him again in March for our wedding and future milestones! We will cherish these pictures forever!